LED standoffs

A pantented luminous LED sign standoff ideal to hold glass, acrylic or other panel as signage.


LED standoffs is a kind of LED sign fixing. It’s a patented luminous LED sign standoffs. LED sign standoffs are popular standoff for display.

General Specifications

Name&Size(mm) Item No. Voltage(V) Sign Standoff LED Color
L-2525-ST-W 12 Aluminium Sation Color dia. 25*25mm White
LED Sign Standoff 2505 Satin L-2525-ST-R 12 Red
L-2525-ST-B 12 Blue
L-3225-ST-W 12 Aluminium Sation Color dia. 3225*25mm White
LED Sign Standoff 3225 Sation L-3225-ST-R 12 Red
L-3225-ST-B 12 Blue
L-4025-ST-W 12 Aluminium Sation Color dia. 40*25mm White
LED Sign standoff 4025 satin L-4025-ST-R 12 Red
L-4025-ST-B 12 Blue



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