AN series – brass mirror cap



A simple and good looking mirror cap, available in 3 colors.

AN series – brass mirror cap is a standoff with round cap. It’s a simple and good looking mirror cap. It’s made from high quality brass. AN is flat top design. Mirror Cap is practical and beautiful.

General Specifications

Item No. Color&Material Diameter Height Locator size Bottom Hole Size
AN-10 CP-Polished Chrome SC-Sation Chrome BG-Polished Gold 10mm 6mm Dia.7mm L3,5mm 3.3mm
AN-12 12mm 6mm Dia.10mm L3.5mm 5mm
AN-15 15mm 6mm Dia.12mm L3.5mm 5mm
AN-19 19mm 6mm Dia.16mm L3.5mm 5mm
AN-25 25mm 6mm Dia.22mm L3.5mm 5mm
AN-10 10mm 6.7mm Dia.7mm L3.5mm 3.3mm
AN-15 12mm 6.7mm Dia.12mm L3.5mm 5mm
AN-19 15mm 6.7mm Dia.16mm L3.5mm 5mm
AN-25 19mm 6.7mm Dia.22mm L3.5mm 5mm



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